Friday, January 30, 2009

Quick Thoughts Before I Go Drink

  • I struggle to follow the Timberwolves but explain to me how Al Jefferson is not an All-star. Explain to me how Shaq getting 18.1 ppg and 9 rebs surronded by Nash, Stoudemire and Richardson get in over Jefferson getting 22.7 ppg and 10.5 rebounds surrounded by Foye, Telfair and Love. He is an all-star in every defintion and is the reason for any Wolves success.
  • I have been dreaming of the NCAA tournament all day and two thoughts occured to me. The first thought is how my bracket might suffer with Minnesota in the bracket. I have been the answer sheet for the last few tournaments because I have had no strong rooting interests and could just pick on who I objectively thought would win. Even when Minnesota was in it a few years ago I only lost one first round game because they were not going to beat the One seed which I think was the Champion North Carolina. I might have to do two seperate brackets this year.
  • The other thought was about how glad I am that I did not buy NCAA tickets to the games at the Dome this year. How much would it suck to plop down 200 bucks to watch meaningless games while Minnesota is playing elsewhere. Remember Minnesota can not play at the Dome because they are the host of the site. The NCAA would be smart to have the Gopher games on the opposite days of the Dome games.
  • People are retarded. I have heard talk of the possiblity that Tubby will take the open Georgia job. Why the hell would he do that. He left Georgia after two years to head to Kentucky. Not only would he have to compete with Kentucky and Florida he would also have to compete with Georgia Tech. Georgia Basketball has never been relevent, not making the Elite 8 since 1983 and the Sweet Sixteen since he coached them. There is not a job out there that will be better for him than the Gopher job. I would bet 1,000 dollars he will retire a Gopher coach. If I am wrong you are welcome to track me down and collect your reward. If he gets us to a Final Four it will be Tubby Court at Williams Arena. He is a god here and he is too old and rich to leave for 1 million more.
  • Well I'm off the Library, and no Mom and Dad that isn't as wholesome as it sounds but it should be fun.

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