Thursday, January 22, 2009

Purdue Game Review

The Gophers have an issue. Purdue played very well and looked very much the part of the second best team in the conference but the Gophers could of still won this game. The Gophers did a lot of things well. They had 10 blocks, 12 steals, only turned the ball over 3 times in the second half. They made 27-31 free throws making 27 in a row. It wasn't enough to overcome what is the overwhelming issue that has cost them the last two games. No one on this team can shoot. They shot 27.6% and an unbelievable 15.8% from three. How did this same team shoot 9-9 from 3 against Penn State. To prove that no one can shoot look at each players shooting:

Al Nolen 3-14
Damian Johnson 2-9
Lawrence Westbrook 2-8
Devoe Joseph 3-8
Paul Carter 1-5
Blake Hoffarber 1-4
Devron Bostick 0-2
Colton Iverson 2-3
Busch 0-1

Some of the poor percentage can be attributed to Purdue's D but there were a lot of open shots. If the Gophers even shoot 36% I have to believe they win this game. If they are going to turn this season around they have to shoot at least 36%. We have enough problems with half-court offense that when we get shot we have to make them. Purdue played great but our shooting lost the game. One thing I don't get is at the beginning of games we go down low to the bigs and force things and then we don't do that anymore and they usually don't even play towards the end. Ralph went 2-4 with 7 rebounds and Colt was 2-3 and they combined for only 36 minutes.

On a bright note while he shot 3-14 I was impressed with the play of Al Nolen. He was fouled on most of those shots and went 10-10 from the line. He also had 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 4 steals, and one block. He was the only player aggressive on the offensive end and got into the paint whenever he wanted.

The Gophers should get the good feelings going again when they head to lowly Indiana on Sunday. Hopefully someone gets their shot going.

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