Sunday, January 25, 2009

Indiana Game Review

It certainly wasn't an awe inspiring win but it was a win none the less. Indiana stuck around and played hard but they just didn't have the talent. The player of the game was Ralph Sampson III. He had 13 points, 8 rebs and 6 blocks. He was everywhere on the court and played more aggressively than I have ever seen him play. I along with others have stated that Iverson was farther along than Sampson, but Sampson had the higher ceiling. I think that may not be true anymore. Sampson has more ppg, more rebounds and more blocks. He is not as physically strong as Iverson but he is becoming a very productive center.

I am a huge Tubby fan but his rotation and use of players is very puzzling and hard to figure. Devron Bostick had seemed to bust out with the Penn St and Wisconsin games. Since then he has barely played. He played one minute today against Indiana. Instead JAS played 22 minutes as did Blake Hoffarber. I like Blake but when he is shooting like he is why is he out there. If he can't shoot how does he contribute to this team. He is subpar defensively and isn't able to penetrate. When he is on the court we almost have 4 players on the offensive end. Colton Iverson only played 9 minutes and that was all in the first half. I understand RSIII was playing well but Iverson should be getting more than 9 minutes.

The Gophers have the biggest stretch of the season coming up. They get Illinois at home on Thursday, then head to Michigan State and Ohio State. I would like them to go 2-1, but they could easily go 0-3 and that would leave them at 17-6 and 5-6 in the conference. They suddenly would be in danger of missing the tournament.

Stats of the Day
  • 34: Points in the paint by the Gophers today.
  • 21-19: Bench scoring with IU having the 21. That must be the first time our bench has been outscored.
  • 19: Total minutes for Devron Bostick in three games since scoring 11 points at Wisconsin.

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