Wednesday, December 31, 2008

MSU game reaction

Wow that was brutal. If you can stomach it a link to the recap is here. We were out rebounded, out shot and just generally outplayed in the second half. This was a reality check that we aren't the cream of the Big 10's crop just yet. I also though don't think it is the end of the world. MSU was supposed to be a top 5 team and I still have them as a Big 10 favorite. I think we will have more of an issue if we show up like this for the Ohio State game which I view as a must-win.

While it has been nice that we have gotten scoring from everyone we need to find someone who against elite opponents we can lean on and it appears that our best shot is Nolen who did get 14 points and 7 assists. Westbrook forces his shot and is too small, Hoff can't create his own shot and the Twin Towers lack a low post move. The defense did still look good until they got desperate and played outside themselves at the end of the game except we need to improve the rebounding.

One final thought is that I get violently ill anytime I see Jonathon Williams or JAS handle the ball.

Other Thoughts

I watched the Michigan-Wisconsin game and Michigan looked more brutal than the Gophers. I think they had a couple good games but they don't play enough defense to do anything in the Big 10.

The biggest problem I have with the current BCS is they have ruined New Year's Day football. The only game I want to see is USC - Penn St. How exciting is the nightcap of Virginia Tech - Cincinnati. I'm most excited to watch hockey on New Year's at Wrigley Field.

That is all for now as I go settle down to see if the Gopher Football team can salvage the day with a healthy Decker and a power running game. Happy New Year's everyone.

Stats of the Day

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