Monday, May 4, 2009

MLB Power Rankings - Week 4

1. Los Angeles Dodgers
Previous Rank: 2
Record: 18-8
They have some questions with pitching rotation depth but they have the best lineup in the Majors.

2. Boston Red Sox
Previous Rank: 6
Record: 15-10
The record is truly impressive considering Beckett is struggling, Dice-K is on the DL and Ortiz has yet to hit a home run.

3. Toronto Blue Jays
Previous Rank: 3
Record: 18-9
They have certainly gotten off to a quick start and I think it is possible for them to steal a wild card.

4. Saint Louis Cardinals
Previous Rank: 7
Record: 17-8
MLB has to be praying that Albert Pujols is never found to have taken steroids because he should erase all of A-Rod and Bonds' records.

5. Chicago Cubs
Previous Rank: 1
Record: 13-11
Team has players stuggling but Soto and Marmol are too good to be held down. The NL Central race between them and the Cardinals could be very fun to watch.

6. New York Yankees
Previous Rank: 5
Record: 13-11
They went above .500 without A-Rod and Wang a disaster. They should get A-Rod back this weekend and the circus will really begin.

7. Florida Marlins
Previous Rank: 4
Record: 14-11
Getting swept by the Cubs was not good and Philly is playing better but this team is still currently the best in the NL East.

8. Detroit Tigers
Previous Rank: 11
Record: 13-11
I don't think Brandon Inge can keep it up but he is pacing this team with .316-8-19.

9. Seattle Mariners
Previous Rank: 18
Record: 15-10
This team is praying for the continued injury problems of the Angels. Felix Hernandez does not get enough publicity, he is a serious canidate to win AL Cy Young this year as a 23- year old.

10. Kansas City Royals
Previous Rank: 17
Record: 14-11
It may be the fault of the Twins terrible bullpen but this team has a lot more fight in it than the typical Royals team. That being said the lineup is not good enough to win the division this year.

11. Cincinnati Reds
Previous Rank: 16
Record: 13-11
This team still has pieces that have not starting contributing yet and if they do this team could make the NL Central a three-team race.

12. Philadelphia Phillies
Previous Rank: 14
Record: 12-10
If Hamels ever decides to stop getting hurt and becomes this team's ace again this team should repeat as the NL East champs. Chase Utley is an absolute stud.

13. Chicago White Sox
Previous Rank: 9
Record: 12-12
I am suprised by the slow start of Alexei Ramirez who is hitting .210-1-10. I thought he would be an absolute stud.

14. San Francisco Giants
Previous Rank: 27
Record: 12-11
The Giants have gone 8-3 in the last 11 games partly because the return to form of Tim Lincecum who has gone 2-0 4 ER in 23 innings with 33 K.

15. Minnesota Twins
Previous Rank: 13
Record: 12-13
The offense is not the issue espcially with Joe Mauer back in the lineup, but if they don't fix the bullpen this team is in for a rough season.

16. Milwaukee Brewers
Previous Rank: 23
Record: 13-12
Talk about doing it yourself. Yovanni Gallardo beat Pittsburgh 1-0 by pitching 8 innings and hitting a solo home run. It was also his second home run of the season.

17. Texas Rangers
Previous Rank: 21
Record: 12-12
The offense is redicilious with 140 runs in 24 games. The really scary part is Josh Hamilton has yet to contribute batting .242-2-10.

18. Tampa Bay Rays
Previous Rank: 8
Record: 11-15
They are probably the only team that wishes they could only play the Red Sox. They are 4-2 against the Red Sox and 7-13 against the rest.

19. Atlanta Braves
Previous Rank: 12
Record: 11-13
After starting 5-1 they have struggled going 6-12. Why they have not called up Tommy Hanson yet is beyond me. He has 38 K's in 26.2 Innings.

20. New York Mets
Previous Rank: 10
Record: 10-13
This team needs to find some pitching or they are going to waste another stellar season by Johan Santana.

21. Los Angeles Angels
Previous Rank: 15
Record: 10-13
There is hope on the horizon as Ervin Santana and John Lackey have started their rehabilition and could be returning soon.

22. Arizona Diamondbacks
Previous Rank: 22
Record: 11-14
Dan Haren is a stud and Justin Upton has been hitting well lately but until they get Brandon Webb back this will be a .500 ball club.

23. Pittsburgh Pirates
Previous Rank: 26
Record: 12-12
The pitching has been very good so far but the offense will keep them from competing this year.

24. Houston Astros
Previous Rank: 29
Record: 11-14
Lance Berkman a career .300 hitter is hitting only .184 so far. He does have 6 home runs so far though.

25. San Diego Padres
Previous Rank: 19
Record: 11-14
They have come back to earth by going 2-10 in the last 12. That is not a suprise given a lineup that has Luis Rodriguez getting regular at-bats.

26. Cleveland Indians
Previous Rank: 24
Record: 9-16
It is a shame they don't have the pitching to compete because Sizemore and Victor Martinez are putting up big numbers this year.

27. Oakland A's
Previous Rank: 20
Record: 9-13
Oakland can not be happy with Matt Holliday going .233-2-15 because he is not helping them win games and he is hurting his trade value, which is why they picked him up from Colorado.

28. Colorado Rockies
Previous Rank: 28
Record: 9-14
Troy Tulowitzki has gotten off to a terrible start going .208-3-5. It gives even less reason to be excited about the Rockies this year.

29. Baltimore Orioles
Previous Rank: 25
Record: 9-16
It is going to be a long season in Baltimore this year but Adam Jones looks to be the real deal going .355-5-19 at only age 23.

30. Washington Nationals
Previous Rank: 30
Record: 6-17
There is really nothing to say about this team except that it is a total disaster.

Stud of the Week: Dan Haren ARI
Stats: 2-0 17 IP 1.58 ERA 21 K
Honorable Mention: Carl Crawford, Jorge Cantu, Evan Longoria, Justin Verlander, Johnny Cueto

Dud of the Week: Brian Tallet TOR
Stats: 0-1 4 IP 22.50 ERA 2 K
Dishonorable Mention: Anibal Sanchez, John Danks, Anthony Reyes, Cristian Guzman, Travis Snider

Stud of the Month: Zach Greinke KC
Stats: 5-0 36 IP 0.50 ERA 44 K
Honorable Mention: Albert Pujols, Ian Kinsler, Evan Longoria, Chad Billingsley, Dan Haren, Johan Santana

Dud of the Month: Chien-Ming Wang NYY
Stats: 0-3 6 IP 34.50 ERA 2 K
Dishonorable Mention: Jose Contreras, Oliver Perez, Scott Baker, Felix Pie, Geovanny Soto, Edwin Encarnacion

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