Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Your 2009 Gopher Football Recruiting Class

This class is not the wow and top 25 class than Brewster brought in last year but there is talent in the class. There won't be a lot of contribution next year but over the 4 years they should make their presence felt. Here is a summary of the commits so far:

Hayo Carpenter - JC WR 5' 11" 175 - Scout 5 stars Rivals 4 stars
Was recruited by everyone. Rivals has him the 13 best JC player in the nation. He runs a sub 4.4 40 and should make the biggest impact next year. Should fit in nicely as the slot receiver next to Decker and Brandon Green.

Michael Carter - #12 CB 5' 11" 154 - Scout 3 stars Rivals 4 stars
This was the signing day surprise. He had committed to West Virginia at the All-American Bowl but changed to the Gophers on signing day. He is the cousin of Gopher standout Tyrone Carter. He needs to get into the weight room but is very talented and could see time as a nickel back this year.

Hasan Lipscomb - #24 RB 5' 11" 201 - Scout 3 stars Rivals 4 stars
He has kind of gone under the radar but he is the recruit I am most excited about. He runs a 4.4 40 and has good size. He played in the shadow of QB Russel Shepard (#3 player in nation) in high school but I think he will come in and back up Duane Bennett as a freshman and may over take him.

Ra'Shede Hageman - #6 TE 6' 6" 251 - Scout 4 stars Rivals 3 stars
He is a physically imposing player. He already is NCAA TE size ready. He is also very athletic and has a very impressive highlight reel. He was recruited by every school including Ohio State and Oklahoma. He might not play much as a freshman learning the system but he should continue the tradition of Ben Utecht and Matt Spaeth.

Matt Garin - #21 DE 6' 4" 220 - Scout 4 stars Rivals 3 stars
A recruit who has moved up a lot this year and has started to get a buzz around him. He looks to have a bright future. Will likely be redshirted to add weight or possibly become an outside linebacker.

Moses Alipate - #16 QB 6' 5" 230 - Scout 3 stars Rivals 3 stars
Has the prototypical size for a QB. Didn't put up huge stats in high school but played for a terrible team and never had time to show off his abilty. There is talk he will change positions but I think he will come in a as a QB. Will be redshirted and will be behind Weber and Gray.

Kendall Gregory-McGhee - #35 Ath 6' 4" 214 - Scout 3 stars Rivals 3 stars
It is unknown where he will play at the next level. He has good size and is very athletic. Could play TE or LB. Will be redshirted to help him find his best position.

Josh Campion - #41 OT 6' 5" 265 - Scout 3 stars Rivals 3 stars
One of many Offensive lineman that were added to bulk the weak spot in the current Gophers team. Will be redshirted to bulk up.

Bryant Allen - #52 Ath 6' 0" 160 - Scout 3 stars Rivals 3 stars
Very good athlete who played QB in high school but will need to change positions. Will likely be a WR but could also play CB. There is talk that he will also walk-0n to the Gophers basketball team. He averages 25 ppg and is a favorite to be Mr. Basketball in Missouri. Won't be a starter but could see time on special teams and at WR.

Kerry Lewis - #41 CB 5' 9" 178 - Scout 3 stars Rivals 3 stars
Will likely play safety in college. With the departure of Tremaine Brock, he might be able to compete for playing time but likely won't see much of the field next year.

Joey Searcy - #43 DT 6' 1" 276 - Scout 2 stars Rivals 3 stars
He might be a sleeper. He might move over to DE but might see time as a DT on third downs.

Brent Singleton - #58 OLB 6' 0" - Scout 3 stars Rivals 3 stars
He will be a safety in college. He de-committed from South Carolina to head to Minneapolis. Won't see playing time as a freshman.

Ed Olson - #67 OT 6' 7" 285 - Scout 3 stars Rivals 3 stars
He has big potential. He could be a back-up this season and should be starting at some point in his career. His brother has already committed to the Gophers as a sophomore and might be the better lineman.

Victor Keise
- #98 WR 6' 1" 160 - Scout 2 stars Rivals 3 stars
One of the first commits to the Gophers. Decent speed. Will need to add weight and strength. Won't see time as a freshman.

Kenneth Watkins - #42 S 6' 0" 185 - Scout 2 stars Rivals 3 stars
Might also play CB but has good speed and might develop. Will redshirt next season.

Brooks Michel - #94 OT 6' 7" 280 - Scout 3 stars Rivals 3 stars
Has very good size and frame. Will add size and likely be plus 300 lbs.

Jeff Wills - JC OT 6' 7" 350 - Scout 2 stars Rivals 3 stars
Not much is known about this prospect but his size gets people talking. He is the guy brought in to show the committment to the power running game. Will be competing for a starting spot on the line.

Eric Jacques - #61 OG 6' 2" 280 - Scout 1 star Rivals 3 stars
Came with Michael Carter in a package on signing day. Did not recieve other similar offers. Will defintely be red-shirted.

Nick Rengel - Ath 6' 3" 225 - Scout 2 stars Rivals 2 stars
Will likely be a DE or Outside Linebacker in college. Has some abilty and will be red-shirted as a freshman.

Dan Orseske - #32 K 6' 3" 195 - Scout 2 stars Rivals 2 stars
Might also punt. Will compete with Eric Ellestad for the kicking job. Will likely be kicking or punting for the team next year.

There it is so far. There may be some late additions as the signing period continues for a couple weeks. Some players might not get in or otherwise not make it to campus by September. I will later show how this class stacks up with other classes in the nation.

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